Amanda Burton North Strathfield Primary School 1977

North Strathfield Primary School, Year 3 / 4, 1977. Amanda Burton, front row, fourth from the left.


AMANDA FLETCHER: My family came to live in North Strathfield in 1975. We had moved from Brisbane to Sydney with my step-father who had grown up in Kentwell Avenue, North Strathfield.

I went to school at Strathfield North Public School from Year 2 in 1975 until I finished Year 6 in 1979 and was school captain at that time, quite a feat for a 'newcomer'. I really enjoyed my years at the primary school. We used to have sport on a Friday afternoon, but before the sport we had to watch a movie in the school hall, usually a Malcolm Douglas type of educational film. Most of the children at the school loved to ring the bell for recess, lunch or for the end of the day and back then it was a real bell, a big one that sat down near the gate in Correys Avenue.

Our sports carnivals were held at Central Park and I remember we all had to form two lines and 'march' to the park. The swimming carnival was held at Cabarita Baths. When I first came to Sydney in Year 2 we had swimming lessons in the summer and I remember we were bussed to 'Cabo'.

I really loved the end of the year at primary school when we would have those last few weeks before Christmas and make decorations for Christmas and have our Carols by Candlelight. Another highlight of the school year was the operetta that was put on by the year 6's. My year (1979) put on Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat - it was a wonderful time in our lives.

Christmas was a fantastic time to live in Concord, as I remember there was this man in Cross Street (I think his name was Mr Debau) who decorated his house with lots of lights and blow up Santa's. This was way before it became popular to decorate your house for Christmas. He also set up a gorgeous little area out the back with more decorations and lights.

My mum worked in a couple of places in the North Strathfield area including Cowie's Fruit Market on the corner of Homedale Avenue and Concord Road and then the newsagent on Concord Road near where the Pron Promh Thai restaurant is today. I remember there being a haberdashery shop next to the old Kelly's Milkbar where you could buy your school uniform and the milkbar was where you could buy 20 cents of mixed lollies and get a big bag full. We also used to buy the Coca Cola yo yo's and our fireworks from the Kelly's. My ears were pierced at Val's Hairdressing Salon in the late 1970's and my local doctors Doctors Chew and Kwan who are still in practice on Concord Road.

Back in those days the North Strathfield shopping precinct was a pretty busy place as Concord Road was a very busy main road prior to the by-pass. We used to have semi trailers hurtling along the road pretty quickly. One of the nicest memories of Concord I have is of the smell of Arnott's - you used to know what they were baking by the smell most of the time … honey jumbles were my favourite.

So many of my favourite childhood memories are tied up in Concord.



In response to community consultation, a number of local residents were interviewed and recorded. The sessions took place in December 2012 and February 2013 at Concord Library.

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