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Nick Ferrara

Nick Ferrara


NICK FERRARA: If I start with the family, I think we moved to the area in 1963. Three years later, I was born in: 1966 - that gives my age away. I’m from an Italian background. We ran a restaurant for many years - about twenty years. Everybody’s retired now and we’re only property owners in North Strathfield.

OLEV MUSKA: Where did you from when you came into the area?

NICK: Well parents moved in from Petersham-Leichhardt area. Obviously I was born in the area; went to North Strathfield Public and pretty much been here all my life, so I know the streets very well and the area very well and I’ve seen North Strathfield, then Majors Bay Road, change dramatically.

OLEV: When you were little, were there any favourite shops in the North Strathfield …

NICK: Well when I was little a lot of the shops have changed since then. For example, Liu Rose was a convenience, I think fruit shop-type establishment. We used to go and buy our chewing gum or football cards in those days and we used to trade in rugby league cards, as most kids do these days still. You know, we always had that sort of stuff. We had the old pinball type-machines and, from one of the other stores. A lot of that now has changed - a lot of that electronic equipment is all at home rather than the stores we actually … before school after school …

OLEV: So there’s less of a social interaction, do you find?

NICK: Yeah there is, I think so, especially with the kids. You know, they used to spend a bit more time after school mucking around before going home …

OLEV: But now they get dropped off and picked up.

NICK: Dropped off and picked up. More rigid I think, rather than more relaxed. The mix of the businesses have changed - as I said earlier, a lot more restaurants. Don’t know whether that’s going to continue as a trend but I think we need to keep what’s already there in variety going and encourage more the locals to come and shop in our area rather than, you know, move away. Obviously, a lot of the big shopping centres in Burwood and Rhodes have taken everybody away, in the sense that you can do your shopping all under the one roof rather than walk up and down the street. But at the same time, walking up and down the North Strathfield strip, you get to meet the locals. There’s that interaction to say hello, not just buzzing in and out of a shopping centre.

OLEV: And you quite enjoy ducking down there.

NICK: Yeah, yeah, not a problem at all. I think a lot of the shops need to be refreshed - re-badged and you know brought out there for the community and say, “Look, this is what we’ve got to offer”.



In response to community consultation, a number of local residents were interviewed and recorded. The sessions took place in December 2012 and February 2013 at Concord Library.

A short excerpt from each resident appears on this website. Together, they form a cross-section of insights into the wonderful community that is of and around the North Strathfield area.

The full interviews will be archived and available for borrowing at the City of Canada Bay Council Library Services.

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