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Zillah and Neale Hozack

Zillah and Neale Hozack


NEALE HOZACK: Didn’t you used to go shopping at Woolworths down here on Concord Road?

ZILLAH HOZACK: Oh I don’t now, ‘cause I’m at Parramatta …

NEALE: No, before. Before, you used to go to Woolworths.


NEALE: And the fruit shop next door? Did you ever go to the fruit shop?

ZILLAH: Probably.

NEALE: Near the fire station.

ZILLAH: Oh yeah, yeah! Oh that’s right, yes, I did that quite a lot. In fact, the fruit shop there was run by a man and he had the whole place - all his employees - and he used to get all the stuff himself, you know, and have delivered. He had nothing to do with the markets. Then he went into the markets and the shop just went off … people used to come … this was when you kids were going to high school.

NEALE: So what were you saying … that he used to procure his own fruit and vegetables for the shop?

ZILLAH: But he used to go and go to the growers and bring it. You know, he had his own trucks.

OLEV MUSKA: Was that the Italian fruit …

ZILLAH: You had to fight to get a spot to get in there, you know, and he did wonderfully well. But as soon as he went to the markets … he didn’t do so good. Then it went … now it’s a swim shop or something. But, oh! And that used to be crowded - trying to get a spot to park you know.

NEALE: But it was good back then! …

ZILLAH: But it’s not there now … oh, things have changed a lot.

We used to go dancing, my friend and I - about three nights a week - and you met all sorts of people, you know! We even danced with little ‘Laska seamen’. Have you ever seen them? They’re only tiny little fellows - come off the boats and …

NEALE: Alaskans …

ZILLAH: Laska, yeah.

NEALE: Laska? … what’s Laska?

ZILLAH: Oh, I don’t know where Laska is but that was what …

NEALE: Laska seamen ...

ZILLAH: … and they were very nice little fellows, but some people wouldn’t be bothered. They just asked you to dance, you know … they danced around you.

OLEV: Well it sounds like there was far more of a community feel to life in those days …

ZILLAH: Oh, of course!

OLEV: … I’d say everybody’s in their own little homes now …

ZILLAH: … Oh, everybody visited, yes! It was nothing for dad to be getting tea ready and up come a couple of aunties or uncles. One aunty - she was going blind - she come up the stairs on her hands and knees, you know, and dad would get all the meals and he’d feed everybody.



In response to community consultation, a number of local residents were interviewed and recorded. The sessions took place in December 2012 and February 2013 at Concord Library.

A short excerpt from each resident appears on this website. Together, they form a cross-section of insights into the wonderful community that is of and around the North Strathfield area.

The full interviews will be archived and available for borrowing at the City of Canada Bay Council Library Services.

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